Morgan Creek’s Partner Expects Facebook to Reveal Their Investments in Bitcoin

Alister Milne, the investor and partner of Morgan Creek Digital, tweeted about the coming publication of Facebook’s financial report. He concluded that the social media mogul may have invested in Bitcoin. This information has no official proof though, being just a rumour as Milne admits himself.

Mira Christanto, the head analyst of Messari, agreed that it’s quite a possible scenario. She also assumed that if the recent drop of Bitcoin’s happened because Tesla sold 10% of their Bitcoins, the increase may mean Fаcebook indeed purchases Bitcoins. 

It’s all just rumours but Bitcoin indeed fell down $46,900 three days ago but now slowly gains its power back. Today it reached $55,000 on Binance, making an increase of 17% after losing 10%. It will be interesting to see whether the rumours turn out to be the truth.   

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