More Than a Hundred Mining Companies Closed in Kazakhstan

In Kazakhstan, after a series of inspections, 106 mining enterprises ceased their activities, 55 of which voluntarily stopped work, dismantled and removed equipment.

According to the local Financial Monitoring Agency, among these 55 companies were firms associated with well-known local entrepreneurs such as Bolat Nazarbaev, Alexander Klebanov, Kairat Sharipbaev, Yerlan Nigmatulin and others.

Another 51 companies were forcibly disconnected from power supply due to suspicions of conducting illegal activities, evading taxes and customs duties, as well as illegal placement of equipment in the territories of special economic zones.

According to the Agency, some disabled enterprises were related to a businessman from the list Kairat Itemgenov and former head of the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Tlegen Matkenov.

On the fact of illegal mining, the Kazakh authorities opened 25 criminal cases and seized more than 67,000 pieces of equipment worth about $192.9 million.

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