More Than 800 Crypto ATMs Were Installed In the First Days Of June

By May, the amount of newly installed cryptocurrency ATMs had dropped significantly – by 89.75%, but in just a few days in early June, more than 882 new ATMs were installed.

For five months, the rate of installation of cryptocurrency ATMs has been rapidly declining, in May the smallest number of installed ATMs was recorded – 205. But in June, this trend finally stopped – there was a reversal of the downward trajectory.

According to the chart, such a low level of installations of crypto ATMs, as in May 2022, was last observed in 2019. Over the next two years, the number of cryptocurrency ATMs has grown steadily, but the decline in the cryptocurrency market has also affected the pace of installation of new crypto ATMs.

The most successful year in terms of the number of installations of crypto ATMs was 2021 – 1971 ATMs were installed in December. But by May 2022, new ATM installations had fallen by 89.75%, and a rapid recovery followed in early June.

According to the Coin ATM Radar measurement scale, based on data collected over the past two months, an average of 23 crypto ATMs are installed worldwide per day.

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