Mirror Blockchain Platform Opened Blog Publishing for Everyone

The Ethereum-based decentralized blogging platform, Mirror, has changed its policy and made publishing available to anyone with an Ethereum address and wallet.

The Mirror blogging platform was first launched in December 2020. Users were able to post their articles on the platform after voting using their own WRITE platform token. Only 10 authors were selected once a week.

On Wednesday, October 6, the Mirror announced that the author selection policy is no longer valid, and now anyone who has an Ethereum address and wallet can post their materials.

Mirror publishers are selective about content for the platform, as it is all stored on a decentralized blockchain rather than on company servers as in commercial blogging companies.

The content on the platform cannot be altered or damaged, which makes it cryptographically secure. In addition, users can leave the platform with all their data if they no longer want to be a part of it.

After connecting the Ethereum wallet, Mirror users can create content of any complexity, enriching it with various media blocks like videos, iFrames, social media posts, NFTs, auctions and crowdfunding. It is also possible to attract funding for the work of authors using the Ethereum platform and addresses.

In addition, users can turn their content into NFTs and can even monetize it.

For example, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin and Aave Grants DAO used the platform to publish content. In July, a documentary about the development of Ethereum was able to raise 1,036 ETH crowdfunding on the Mirror platform.

Content creators who have used the previous Mirror method called WRITE Race will be offered additional incentives like staking. The native WRITE token is not yet listed on major tracking websites or exchanges.

The project states that it will integrate the Ethereum Naming Service (ENS) and introduce new features such as subscriptions, channels, and an improved editing interface.

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