Mining Might Be Not As Bad For the Environment As We Used to Believe

The belief about crypto mining’s disruptive influence over the environment might be an overstatement. Alexander Brazhnikov, the CEO of RACIB, believes people should focus on the ways to eliminate the harm it does rather on rejecting the entire industry.

He believes it’s necessary to seek solutions that would improve the technologies in order to use the energy more effectively. As an example, he mentions Bitrivers’ mining hotels that minimize the harm done by this technology and use the energetical leftovers. 

Russia is among the countries with the biggest mining capacities in the world. They try to reduce the environmental harm done by mining by using the energetical leftovers of the thermal and hydro power plants like Bitriver does. Brazhnikov believes the growing economy will consume more energy and the complex approach is required to solve the environmental problems caused by this.

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