Mining Bitcoin With Game Boy Is Real Now

Stacksmashing, a Youtube user, adapted an old school game console Game Boy for mining cryptocurrency. He used a hardware from the console and modified it with the Raspberry PI microcontroller because initially it doesn’t have wireless capabilities. He also used a USB card to connect it with the node to his computer.

The user had to write his own code to make it work and succeeded to achieve a hashrate of 0.8 hashes per second. This will be enough to mine one Bitcoin within a couple of quadrillion years. However, the user said he will work on this technology to make it faster.

It wasn’t the first attempt of miners to engage with gaming consoles. This very month one user from China pranked everyone by claiming he managed to mine Bitcoin with the use of PlayStation 5. Before Stacksmashing’s experience, there were rumours here and there about mining Bitcoin with different game consoles but he was the first to show it’s possible.

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