Microstrategy, Apple and Microsoft Stock Tokens Will Be Launched by Binance

Three more tokenized stocks were announced to launch on Binance soon. Stock tokens of Tesla and Coinbase are already available; the next ones to launch will be those of Microstrategy, Microsoft and Apple. The announcement about their planned launch was made on April, 26, and all the shares will go live within two days.

Binance’s offer will fractionalize the shares of the mentioned companies, so that the users will be able to purchase parts of them. The minimum trade will be available with one-hundredth of the share. They can be traded only in pairs with BUSD, Binance’s native stablecoin.

Binance invades the market of stock tokens aggressively and competes with FTX who entered it back in October 2020. The Hong Kong-based exchange included the derivatives of Tesla and Coinbase shares, and Binance quickly followed not to miss out.

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