Microsoft’s Azure Blockchain Is Going to Be Closed by September

Microsoft announced that they are going to close their Azure blockchain and gave its users four months to switch to other services. They don’t explain their decision, just let their customers face the fact. Among them are such giants as JPMorgan, Xbox, Starbucks and Singapore Airlines.

 It was modestly announced in Microsoft’s documentation without making it loud.Josef Lubin, the CEO of ConsenSys, expressed the willingness to welcome those who used Azure blockchain as they used to be partners since 2015. It’s been here for six years, and despite the announcement, Azure’s page to sign up isn’t closed yet.

Microsoft made controversial statements about blockchain and cryptocurrency, and Brad Smith, their president, made clear that they are not interested in Bitcoin. The survey about Bitcoin as a payments option for Xbox, however, gave some hopes to the community. Azure became one of the first big corporate blockchains being closed lately.

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