Michaёl Van De Poppe Buys the Dip And Invites Others to Follow

Michaёl van de Poppe, an acknowledged crypto analyst and trader, doesn’t afraid to buy cryptocurrencies using the dip caused by the recent Bitcoin’s downfall. On the weekend, he bought several cryptocurrencies and gladly informed his audience about this purchase on Twitter.

LINK, DIA, and, of course, Bitcoin became the choices of the crypto influencer. Van de Poppe believes now is the best time to enter the market, as altcoins have already been affected by the correction. He advises to pay attention to the projects with big capitalization such as Ethereum and Litecoin.

Van de Poppe warns that there is no time to waste because as soon as Bitcoin goes up again, altcoins will follow. For those investors who love risk, he suggests paying attention to smaller altcoins. In any way, Bitcoin is the one to watch for, because the entire market goes after it.

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