Mexico Has Decided To Keep Up With Paraguay. Senator Is Preparing the New Cryptocurrency Bill

Mexican federal government senator Eduardo Murat Hinojosa said he would submit a proposal to lawmakers, apparently related to the development of the crypto industry in the country.

Hinojosa has changed his profile picture. In the photo, the senator appeared with “laser eyes”, which indicates support for the cryptocurrency. He also tweeted that he will be promoting and proposing a legal framework for cryptocurrency coins in the lower house of the Mexican parliament, with particular reference to Bitcoin (BTC).

In addition to Hinojosa, Indira Kempis Martinez, a senator from the state of Nuevo Leon, also announced her support for cryptocurrencies by posting a photo with “laser eyes”.

Latin American countries are increasingly opening their arms to the world of cryptocurrencies. Most recently, at the Miami Bitcoin 2021 conference, President of El Salvador Nayib Bukele announced that he would send a bill to the Legislative Assembly of the Republic of El Salvador demanding that Bitcoin become legal tender.

“We hope that this decision will be the first step in creating a space where some of the leading innovators can rethink the future of finance, potentially helping billions of people around the world,” Bukele explained his initiative.

In addition, Paraguayan Congressman Carlitos Reiala announced that he will introduce a bill in June that will allow cryptocurrency companies to fund cryptocurrency transactions in Paraguay, capitalize their cryptocurrency profits in local banks, and transfer dividends abroad.

In Mexico, government officials may still have a negative attitude towards cryptocurrency due to the abuse of money laundering operations by local cartels on the blockchain. The head of the cyber investigations department of the Attorney General of Mexico once stated that the country’s law enforcement agencies lack the resources to combat money laundering in cryptocurrency.

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