Media Websites, Facebook and the App Store are Blocked in Russia

On March 4, Russian users discovered problems with access to popular media sites – Meduza, BBC, Radio Liberty and Deutsche Welle. In addition, access to Facebook, the App Store and Google Play has also been restricted.

Publications used to warn about a possible blocking, but Roskomnadzor did not confirm this. And later, a message appeared on the regulator’s website about the blocking of Medusa, the BBC, and Radio Liberty.

All of them are restricted under the Russian law “On Information, Information Technologies and Information Protection”, which blocks the websites for “inaccurate information, calls for riots, extremism and participation in illegal mass actions.”

As Roskomnadzor told RBC, the reason for restricting access to the aforementioned websites, as well as to the websites of the Voice of America and Deutsche Welle publications, was the placement of materials containing allegedly false information about the nature of the “special military operation” on the territory of Ukraine.

According to GlobalCheck, the App Store and Google Play domains are also blocked, but services continue to work on some devices.

Also, experts have noticed problems with access to Facebook. In their opinion, in all cases, TSPU equipment installed under the law on the sovereign Runet was used for blocking.

In addition, the publication team announced the suspension of activities on March 4.

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