May the 4th Was Celebrated by NFT Star Wars-Themed Collection

May the 4th, being the official Star Wars Day, was celebrated in an unusual way this year. A collection of 800 nonfungible tokens was released for the fans to purchase. The collection is called StarColl. It was created by QANPlatform that develops dApps, DeFi and NFTs. StarColl is announced as the new era for Star Wars, now connected with blockchain.

Each digital StarColl piece is backed with a physical item. The name of their owners and date of the purchase will be displayed next to NFTs on the traveling exhibition of the collection, where they will have a free lifetime access.

The early registration for those who are willing to get the StarColl NFTs predictably started on May, 4th – the date when the fans of the franchise celebrate it. The date was chosen after an iconic quote “May the force be with you” because of the similar sounding. It used to be an informal anniversary but now even Google celebrates it every year with a special doodle.

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