Mastercard Launches New Payment Program

Mastercard announced the launch of the Biometric Checkout Program, which allows shoppers to pay at the checkout with “a smile or a wave of the hand.”

According to company representatives, after registering biometric data in the system, payment in stores will become much easier and much faster:

“Consumers can simply check the bill and smile for the camera or wave their hand over the reader to pay.”

The function will be tested in five supermarkets in Brazil. Buyers need to register for biometric payments at one of these stores or through the Payface app.

In the future, the project will be expanded to South America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

According to Mastercard, 74% of consumers worldwide have a “favorable view” of biometric technologies.

However, Ashfords law firm partner Susie Miles stated the password, unlike a smile or a wave of the hand, can be changed, and if hackers get the biometric data, the risk of fraudulent activity will be much higher.

Miles also worries that facial recognition systems at checkouts could collect information about people who don’t use biometric payment methods, making it harder to protect people’s privacy rights.

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