Martian Metaverse Announces Listing On Two Major Exchanges

The metaverse project, Mars4, based on a detailed 3D map of Mars using data from NASA and other space agencies, has announced the launch of a staking listing on Bittrex and Sushiswap, available through their ONSEN system.

Mars4 CEO Richard Berneau said Bittrex and SushiSwap DEX exceeded the project team’s expectations and delighted the community by providing a listing for the project.

The Mars4 project provides users with the opportunity not only to buy and sell land plots on Mars in the form of NFTs on Ethereum, but also to explore the Red Planet.

The platform divided the surface of Mars into 99,888 rare NFT objects, each of which symbolizes one of the rover’s landing sites and popular geographic features. The plots are 559 square miles, each of which can be increased in value through terraforming. Users will be able to do this by purchasing certificates, avatars or other logos in in-game assets.

Each of these NFTs also provide users with the ability to earn passive income from participation in the Mars4 metaverse and other liquidity mining functions.

The tokens can be found on Bittrex and Sushiswap, which recently listed MARS4 tokens on their MISO launchpad. In private and public auctions, the minimum increase was reached in just 45 minutes. The platform organized two auctions for a total of 40 million tokens, which were successfully accepted at the MISO launch website and raised 13 times the minimum requirement.

Over the next year, the platform plans to continue expanding the functionality of its P2E gaming features and release new NFT releases, including 888 Martian avatars and a host of other gaming resources.

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