Mariah Carey Bought Bitcoin to Support Afro-American Education Program

In a video message to 10.2 million Instagram followers, a pop icon Mariah Carey announced investing in Bitcoin through the Gemini platform and supporting the platform’s affiliated charity program, Black Girls Code.

The singer added a  referral link to redeem $20 in free BTC. By following this link and registering on the Gemini platform, users are contributing to the Black Girls Code charity program, a non-profit organization that provides technical education to African American girls.

“Did you know that you don’t need to buy the whole bitcoin to invest? In fact, you can buy Bitcoin for as little as $5,” she said.

Carey also thanked Cryptopedia, Gemini’s free education platform, for teaching her how to invest in cryptocurrency.

The first crypto investors were kind of innovators ahead of their time. Today, more and more people are investing in cryptocurrencies, but many of them depend on the opinion of celebrities in this matter. According to Morning Consult, a study conducted among 2,200 US adults showed that 45% of cryptocurrency holders would seek access to cryptocurrencies if they are approved by someone famous.

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