Liquidation of the Positions on Dogecoin Reached $350 Millions in 24 Hours reported that in 24 hours traders on the biggest crypto exchanges liquidated their position on Doge of $350 millions worth. Usually Bitcoin is the leader but this time they focused on Dogecoin due to its high volatility. The biggest deal, $12.07 millions, was also on DOGE and took place on Binance.

Dogecoin obtained 40% of positions liquidated on the entire market within 24 hours. Ethereum with $240 millions comes second, and Bitcoin with $188 millions. Huobi became the leader of liquidations – 35% of them took place there. Next goes Binance with 20%, and then Bybit with 19%.

Dogecoin is getting much attention in the crypto media lately. Being pumped by Elon Musk himself, there are rumors it was dumped by him as well. After he spoke of DOGE on a Saturday Night Live, the coin started falling down. However, it’s still the fourth most capitalized cryptocurrency in the world.

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