Ledger Launches NFT Hardware Wallet Sales

Ledger, a major provider of hardware wallets designed to securely store cryptocurrencies, is launching new wallets for storing non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The new Ledger Nano S Plus, combined with support for “clean signature” technology through Ledger Live, will provide a more secure user experience with Web3.

According to Ledger specialist Ian Rogers, previous versions of the wallet also had NFT support, but the new one has a higher level of security, users can view their NFTs on Ledger Live and make transactions securely using “clear signature” technology, which will prevent most risky transactions.

Ledger released the limited edition Ledger Nano S Plus in early March, with 10,000 units available for pre-order for $79 each.

Earlier, Ledger came out with a public warning about the phishing scam sending customers fake hardware wallets for the crypto assets under the name of Ledger Nano. They are equipped with the hardware that steals the assets. Scammers produced a detailed and complex scheme of fooling people using a famous reliable brand name.

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