Ledger Is In the Epicenter of the Fishing Scandal

Ledger and Shopify were sued due to the massive data leak that resulted in stealing of the clients data from their hardware wallets. 270,000 of their clients became the victims of fishing from April to June 2020. Two of them filed a claim to the Californian court against Ledger and their partner, Shopify.

They are sure that the companies knew about the accident but silenced it on purpose. Two companies are also accused in not providing the necessary level of safety for their clients. The claimants also believe it would have been possible to avoid such a massive leak if Ledger and Shopify took action at once.

In response, Ledger changed the rules of interaction with the client’s data and offered 10 BTC reward for the information that will help find hackers. They published this information on their blog in January, 2021.

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