Latest News of the Crypto Market on Tuesday, May 11th

This day started with lots of events on the crypto market as usual. 

  • Bitcoin added a little bit, now trading $55,649 after yesterday’s swings. It still has a long way to go to hit a new ATH; the latest one of $64,863 was taken in the middle of April.
  • Ethereum also had some swings and now it’s traded for $3,929.
  • Internet Computer entered Coinmarketcap Top-10 while other aggregators didn’t show that. They say it was an error, and the similar mistakes showed up there before. 
  • Polkadot lost 14.13% in 24 hours, and XRP lost 6% in a week. 
  • Bitcoin Cash added 36.24%. SHIBA INU is an absolute leader in both daily and weekly charts, overall having added 2152.50% in a week. Bitcoin Diamond and OKB lost 20.73% and 22.78%, respectively.
  • One of the biggest Chinese banks, ICBC, allowed its customers to activate their e-wallets to operate crypto yuans with the help of their mobile apps. 
  • Presumably a murder was paid off through the Coinbase exchange; it works together with FBI to find the suspect. 
  • Uniswap’s traffic was redirected to Sushiswap but the domain wasn’t connected to it. Unknown users just took advantage of its similarity to the real exchange’s name and bought the domain. Sushiswap doesn’t comment whether they took part in it or not.
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