Large Illegal Mining Farm Was Closed In Ukraine

In Vinnytsia, an illegal mining farm that worked in one of the former warehouses of Vinnytsaoblenergo illegally used the city’s electricity to mine cryptocurrencies.

The interest of the Security Service of Ukraine was attracted by a huge power leak detected in Vinnytsia. During the investigation, the law enforcement officers discovered an underground mining farm that illegally consumed electricity from the networks of the state facility Vinnytsaoblenergo.

After the searches, a total of almost five thousand pieces of computer equipment were seized. The offenders used 3,800 game consoles, more than 500 video cards, 50 processors, phones and flash drives for their illegal activities.

To cover up their crime, the organizers of the mining farm, who were from Vinnytsia and Kiev, kept the draft documentation.

According to the preliminary estimations, the monthly damage from the farm was about 5-7 million hryvnias (183-256 thousand dollars).

At the moment, the law enforcement officers have opened a criminal case on the theft of electricity. The investigation continues.

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