L2 Ethereum processes more transactions than BTC

The analyst stated that the second level of the Ethereum network processed more transactions per day than one level of the BTC network.

According to CoinMetrics data compiled by industry analyst and founder of Week In Ethereum News, Evan Van Ness, on September 6, there were more transactions on the second level of Ethereum than on the Bitcoin network. Layer 2 protocols processed about 250,000 transactions per day, while the BTC network had only about 210,000 transactions in the same period.

The Bitcoin community noted that Van Ness compared two levels of ETH to one level of BTC and did not provide information on Bitcoin’s second level Lightning Network.

To which Van Ness replied that in his opinion, given the small blocked amount, Lightning has very little traction, but he would be glad if someone showed data to the contrary.

Not surprisingly, Ethereum is becoming more popular than Bitcoin. And this was noted even in Singapore.

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