Klaytn by Kakao Integrated with OpenSea to Enter the NFT Market

A South Korean blockchain project by a tech giant Kakao represents its new partnership with the NFT marketplace OpenSea. Non-fungible tokens are booming, and everybody wants to jump in that train. The platform is called Klaytn and they want to offer their NFTs on the marketplace.

They’ve made the right choice. OpenSea is among the most prominent NFT spaces that showed a 1,150% transaction volume increase in three months. It grows very fast, and will be a great option for Klaytn to reach a wider audience that might be interested in their digital products. They are going to integrate the way Ethereum integrates with MetaMask.

Klaytn is doing well at the moment by showing a 21% increase in their native token’s price. In total, KLAY added 819% since the beginning of the year. Their new collaboration sounds very promising and is definitely going to boost the interest to both projects.  

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