Huobi Launches a Chia Mining Pool

One of the largest exchanges in China, the mining pool Huobi plans to launch Chia mining in the near future.

“Mining Pool Huobi, China’s largest exchange, will launch Chia mining. Chia’s value has dropped 47.8% over the past 30 days and is now $ 506. The hash rate of the entire Chia network has reached 21848P, which is almost 7 times faster than a month ago,” journalist Colin Wu said on June 11.

On May 14, Huobi announced on Twitter that the option to open a deposit is already available, and trading will begin a little later.

Chia developer Bram Cohen reported that some unofficial pools have complained about a problem with fake evidence of space. He believes that this had happened due to partial data validation and the constant connection of new miners.

Cohen also urged users to be patient and wait for the official launch of their own Chia mining network protocol.

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