John McAfee And His Bodyguard Insist on Pleading Innocent in a Crypto Fraud

John McAfee, the inventor of the popular antivirus software, and his bodyguard, Jimmy Gale Watson Junior, plead innocent of a fraud involving cryptocurrency that resulted in stealing $13 millions from the investors.

Now John McAfee is in prison in Spain where he was put due to a tax evasion in 2020. Watson was arrested in Texas on March, 4th. USA now works on McAfee’s extradition in order to proceed with the whole bunch of the accusations for his actions in 2014-2018, when he earned millions of dollars and avoided filling them into the tax declarations.

Watson is accused in being involved in the pump and dump scams in 2017-2018. McAfee’s team bought altcoins for a very low price, and then started pumping them on Twitter. They are also accused of benefiting from the emitents while launching ICOs.

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