Investview Holds Cryptocurrencies on Their Balance Sheet

A well-known fintech company based in the USA, Investview, revealed they hold about $1 million in Bitcoin and altcoins on their balance sheet. The company followed the example of Microstrategy and Tesla who also invested in cryptocurrencies. 

The decision to invest in crypto came along with the highest market figures for the last month. They show a gross revenue of $5.5 million and $1.9 million net income combined with the 30% operating margin. 

The company also revealed that it’s going to develop its objectives of working with Bitcoin mining and financial education. Investview surely won’t be the last company to work with Bitcoins but some of them are still skeptical towards it. FD7 Ventures, for example, plans to liquidate their investment in Bitcoin and buy Polkadot and Cardano due to seeing them as having more potential than the “digital goal”.

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