Investors Expect Bigger Bitcoin Price Crash — Poll

The results of two independent surveys suggest that the majority of crypto investors expect an even bigger drop in the price of Bitcoin before buying BTC.

According to Wu Blockchain, 40% of surveyed users of the Chinese social media platform Weibo expect the price of Bitcoin to drop to $10,000.

26% of respondents prefer to wait until BTC hits $15,000. And 8% — intend to wait not so long and buy Bitcoin when its price reaches $18,000.

Compared to the Chinese audience, Americans are more bearish. Out of 950 Wall Street respondents, 60% expect the price of BTC to drop to $10,000, according to a Bloomberg MLIV Pulse survey.

Although investors expect a further fall in the Bitcoin exchange rate, some experts believe that in the next six months, the BTC rate may rise up.

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