Investors Accumulate Millions of Bitcoins

According to Buy Bitcoin Worldwide, 816,379 BTC, worth $40.1 billion, is currently owned by 14 Bitcoin fund issuers and asset managers, representing 4% of the cryptocurrency supply.

The industry leader, the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, holds over 3% of the Bitcoin supply – 654,600 BTC (worth $32 billion). XBT provider CoinShares comes in second with 48,466 BTC ($2.4 billion), representing 0.23% of the offer. The remaining 12 issuers represent 113,313 BTC, or 0.54% of the total supply.

Buy Bitcoin Worldwide also tracks 34 public companies. They keep roughly 1% of the BTC supply in their balances.

Half of all publicly held Bitcoins are owned by MicroStrategy, which now contains 108,992 BTC worth $5.3 billion.

Electric carmaker Tesla holds 20% of Bitcoin among other private companies. At the same time, the company has accumulated 42,902 BTC worth almost $2.1 billion.

Private companies from the total supply absorbed 174,068 Bitcoins in the amount of $8.5 million, which is 0.83% of the Bitcoin supply. Roughly 80% of the BTC hidden by private companies is owned by Block.One, with the firm currently holding 140,000 BTC worth $6.8 billion.

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