Intel Starts Supplying Bitcoin Mining Chip

Intel has begun shipping Bitcoin mining ASICs to select customers who have already pre-ordered.

Intel SVP of Architecture, Graphics and Software Raja Koduri said the Intel AXG Custom Compute team is already supplying Blockscale ASICs. According to him, the product was sent by Argo Blockchain, GRIID Infrastructure and HIVE Blockchain.

The company first introduced its first dedicated Bitcoin mining chip in February 2022. But then the ASIC characteristics turned out to be significantly lower than analogues on the market.

In April, Intel announced the release of the next generation of Blockscale Bitcoin mining chip. At that time, the performance of the ASIC chip outperformed competitors in terms of efficiency by about 15%.

Earlier, Aspen Creek Digital Corporation (ACDC) opened a 6 MW Bitcoin mining centre in Colorado, powered by a 10 MW solar power plant.

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