Indian Minister Assures That the Government Is Supportive Towards Crypto

Anurag Thakur, the Indian Minister for Corporate Affairs, assures that the Indian government isn’t against cryptocurrencies and is eager to embrace the new financial technology. But they need to be sure investors’ assets won’t be eaten by Bitcoin’s high volatility.

A bill recently passed in India made a lot of fuss in the crypto media. It can result in a blanket ban of the crypto industry in this country. However, Thakur insists on a thorough regulation of cryptocurrency for the safety rather than for dismantling a new financial trend.

Despite different opinions in the government, there are a lot of crypto exchanges in India whose trading volumes are growing constantly. They also carry an important educational mission, showing the audience that cryptocurrencies aren’t dangerous and provide new opportunities for people. With the proper regulation, India can benefit the world’s crypto industry and receive more capital to improve its own economy.

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