Indian Government May Reevaluate Its Attitude Towards Cryptocurrencies

India who is known for its uncertain position towards the cryptocurrencies that gravitate to skepticism, changes its mind again. A report by Economics contains proof that a new group of experts is about to be formed in order to regulate the crypto trading industry in the country rather than ban it.

The recommendations to ban cryptocurrencies in India was vocalized back in 2019. But now they are considered outdated, and a new committee the authorities have spoken about will work on the proper regulation strategies to make the industry a safe place for the Indian investors. Anurag Thakur may become one of its members as he is known for being a supporter of cryptocurrencies.

A meeting of the Indian government on regulating the cryptocurrencies was scheduled for March but was delayed for unknown reasons. There were many messages about the possibility of a total crypto ban but now the crypto industry in India has some hopes for a better future.

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