Immensus Holding Will Pay Their Pizzeria’s Employees With Bitcoins

Immensus Holding, which owns a franchise of 16 Domino’s Pizza in the Netherlands, has decided to offer its employees the option of paying a part of their salary in BTC.

According to Immensus Holding, employees of pizzerias will be able to choose between receiving a part of their salary in euros or bitcoins.

“We offer all our employees the opportunity to receive (partially) their salary in bitcoins. Employees of entrepreneurs and companies associated with our payroll management can also take advantage of this,” the company says.

As indicated in the statement, employees can receive the part of the salary that exceeds the minimum wage in Bitcoins, as required by the Dutch law.

In addition, the company offered Domino’s Pizza employees the opportunity to receive tips in BTC, which are issued along with orders through

The choice is entirely up to the employee. And for the underage employees, the choice of payments in bitcoins can only be made with parental consent. The payments will be processed by the Dutch cryptocurrency firm BTC Direct.

By doing so, the Immensus company decided to mark the 11th anniversary of “Bitcoin Pizza Day”, which the cryptocurrency community celebrates on May 22.

In 2011, Czech enthusiast Lazlo Hanesh made the first ever real Bitcoin purchase when he transferred 10,000 BTC to a friend to order two pizzas for him at Papa John’s. Just a year after that, the price of the cryptocurrency rose significantly. Accordingly, the BTC that Hanesh spent on pizza became the equivalent of $ 100,000.

Every year, users calculate how much those two pizzas would cost Hanesh today. In 2016, 10,000 BTC were equivalent to $ 4.4 million, in 2017 – $ 10.7 million, in 2018 – already at $ 83 million, and in 2020 – $ 91.5 million. The course would have cost Hanesh about $ 400 million.

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