How the Market Are Being Dumped – The Insider’s Information

A writer of Bitnovosti shared the insider’s information about one of the FUD schemes of dumping the markets. He recalled his previous work in the crypto industry and exposed the details of manipulating the markets when some big funds needed to buy the dip. The scheme took several steps, the main purpose of which was to create rumours in the community.

First went the smallest mass media who were paid to publish bear news. Then they paid big influential media to publish materials referring to the original articles. The technical writers were also involved. Therefore, the rumours were spreading around, involving even big and trustworthy resources. After this, crypto influencers started sharing it with the special keywords and then went the dumping mechanism on the market.

This mechanism is opposite to the usual OTC brokerage. It looks for the thinnest order books on the future markets and merges the assets there. Then the retail traders burst into panic and started the massive liquidations. All the attempts of recovery are dumped without pity. This information gives us a lot to think about when the market crashes again.

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