Hotbit Is Shut Down Due to A Cyber Attack

The Chinese crypto exchange Hotbit was hacked on April, 29th. They report that the hackers aimed to reach the hot wallets of its users, but these attempts were noticed in time by the exchange’s cyber security system and successfully prevented.  

Hotbit has existed on the crypto market since 2018, and they have around 2 millions of users at the moment. The data collected in March show that more 2,200,000 users visited their official website.

To investigate the attack’s details and take all the necessary actions for restoring the normal work of the exchange, it had to be shut down for seven days. Hotbit team assures that the assets are safe and the hackers didn’t manage to steal anything. However, the hackers managed to delete the exchange’s database and the exchange needs to rearrange it to prevent such cases in the future.

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