Hodlers Keep Calm While the Newbies Are Nervous

Hodlwaves chart shows that the largest amounts of Bitcoins are held in wallets that haven’t shown much activity for at least three years. They stay strong and don’t sell their Bitcoins regardless of the market spikes. However, 2021 shows the increase both from holders and newbies.

More than 15% of Bitcoin wallets showed movements of the coins within the last 90 days. The second largest group is hodlers that make 13.5%. A number of big wallets bought Bitcoins back in 2017 and keep hodling them despite all the bear tendencies on the market.

Glassnode’s chart shows that 1 and 2 year hodlers sell but those who’ve been on the market longer don’t sell because they are more experienced and know how the bull market works.

Last year, almost half the Bitcoin wallets were active. Now the number of those who had been inactive for at least 12 months, dropped from 65%, the record highs of January, to 55% at the moment. 

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