Harmony Offered a Reward For the Return of Stolen $100 Million

The Harmony blockchain platform team offered a $1 million reward for recovering crypto assets stolen from the Horizon cross-chain bridge or information that leads to hackers.

The developers added that in the event of a return of assets, criminal charges will not be brought forward.

And Harmony CEO Steven Tse clarified that the compromise of the private keys to the multisig wallet led to the hack, and not the presence of any Horizon vulnerability.

Some Twitter users commented that the reward is very small. And a crypto trader under the pseudonym Degen Spartan called the offer from Harmony offensive.

“I think these guys are just doing a performance to reduce their legal liability: “Hey, look, don’t blame us, at least we tried.” It looks like they don’t even want to return the money with such a ridiculous offer,” he added.

Useless CEO David Wiley suggested that the hackers might prefer “a million clean money” over stolen money and prosecution, and Harmony’s offer is the “starting point” in the negotiations, and the settlement could reach $3-6 million.

One Twitter user recalled that the industry standard for such return conditions is 10% of the amount.

For example, in April, the Beanstalk Farms DeFi protocol lost $181 million as a result of a hack. The hacker looted assets worth about $76 million. The developers agreed that he would return 90% of the funds, leaving 10% as a legal reward.

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