Hackers stole over $90 million from Nomad

Hackers hacked Nomad’s cross-chain protocol and siphoned off more than $90 million worth of crypto assets, SlowMist researchers report.

According to MistTrack, the hackers transferred the stolen assets to three Ethereum addresses. Most of the cryptocurrencies that the hackers appropriated are assets like WBTC and USDC stablecoin.

According to Paradigm analyst samczsun, the total value of the stolen crypto assets is not $90, but approximately $150 million.

PeckShield analysts confirmed that the amount stolen from Nomad exceeded $150 million, but according to them, the funds were transferred to 41 addresses.

The Nomad team confirmed the information about the hack and theft of assets and assured users that they understand what happened.

Earlier, hackers used a phishing campaign targeting Uniswap users to steal over 4,000 ETH.

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