Hackers Stole $6 Million From Easyfi Platform

Easyfi, a decentralized project, was hacked recently. The hackers withdrew $6 millions from the finance pool of the platform. In their blog, the team’s project wrote that the attack seems to be well planned and targeted. On April, 19th, hackers managed to get the remote access to the computer of Easyfi’s CEO, Ankitt Gaur, and use it to get to DAI and USDT pools.

They also stole around 2.98 millions of platform’s native tokens, EASY, but had difficulties with selling them due to their low liquidity. Gaur offers $1 million to the hackers for giving the stolen assets back.  

This situation again shows that not all DeFi-platforms are in fact fully decentralized. If the owners and developers have all the keys for access to the tokens, the assets can’t be fully protected against attacks of such type. Multiple cases of similar hackings show that DeFi projects should take care of the safety better.

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