Hackers Robed Uniswap Users Using Fake Airdrop

Unknown hackers used a phishing campaign targeting Uniswap users to steal over 4,000 ETH.

According to security specialist Harry Denley, the attackers sent malicious tokens disguised as an airdrop from Uniswap to more than 70,000 addresses.

Users who fell for the lure were redirected via an embedded link to a fraudulent website. And in the end, hackers stole their cryptocurrency.

Although the exact amount of stolen funds is not yet known, the head of the Binance exchange, Changpeng Zhao, stated that the attacker withdrew 4295 ETH from the protocol and sent them to the Tornado Cash mixer.

The creator of the Uniswap protocol, Hayden Adams, confirmed that hackers managed to take possession of users’ crypto assets thanks to a phishing attack. He advised users not to follow questionable links as they could be malicious.

Earlier, the hacker who robbed the Harmony platform sent the stolen crypto assets to the Tornado Cash mixer.

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