Hacker Sent Crypto Assets Stolen From Harmony to Tornado Cash Mixer

The hacker began transferring funds stolen from the Harmony platform to the Tornado Cash mixer.

Apparently, the offer from the Harmony team for a reward of 1% of the amount seemed to him just as ridiculous and offensive as it was to many in the crypto community. Indeed, as you know, a norm in such cases is considered a reward of 10% of the amount.

On Tuesday at 03:10 EST, 18,036.3 Ether (ETH), worth about $21 million, was withdrawn from the hacker’s main wallet. Then, over the next 10 hours, these funds were divided into three parts and sent to different addresses in separate transactions, respectively.

After processing in Tornado Cash, there was about 16.3 ETH on two wallets. And on the third one, there were about 2800 coins.

About $80 million in ETH is still in the hacker’s main wallet. He may be able to return some stolen funds to Horizon or take a break as it took over 13 hours for the attacker to mix just $21 million.

The Harmony team reported that they knew that the hacker began withdrawing cryptocurrency through Tornado Cash.

“The team is working with two highly reputable blockchain tracing and analysis partners, and collaborating with the FBI as part of an investigation into this criminal act,” they added.

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