Hacker Began to Return Stolen Money to Poly Network

The hacker who recently hacked into the protocol of the Poly Network DeFi gateway project started the returning of the stolen $611 million.

According to CoinDesk, the attacker announced his intention to return the money and on August 11 made the first payments in the amount of 1,010,100 USDC. In addition, he sent $1.1 million in Bitcoin pegged BTCB tokens, $2 million in Shiba Inu and $622,243 in FEI stablecoins.

Apparently, the money wasn’t the hacker’s goal. He wanted worldwide fame. After all, hacking the Poly Network and withdrawing more than $600 million in cryptocurrency has become the largest hack not only in the DeFi network but also the largest attack in the history of the crypto industry.

As the hacker himself said, this hack made him a legend, and the return of the money will ensure his place in history.

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