Greenpeace Rejects BTC Donations

Greenpeace, an international non-governmental environmental organization, has decided to reject donations in bitcoins. The Greenpeace USA media director Travis Nichols told this to Cointelegraph.

Back in 2014, the organization created a point for accepting donations in bitcoins. But after it became clear about the climatic risks associated with energy-consuming Proof-of-Work coins like Bitcoin, the company decided to phase out them.

Greenpeace USA media director Travis Nichols said the company decided to ditch one of its properties after it became aware of the environmental impact of BTC.

According to him, a huge and constantly growing amount of energy is needed for bitcoin to work. This is due to the specific technology used to support this cryptocurrency, which could bring a lot of problems in the future. He noted that the rise in popularity of cryptocurrency will entail an increase in energy consumption.

Nichols noted that there is currently not enough energy coming from renewable sources to power the world’s Bitcoin processing centers.

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