Grayscale Considers 13 New DeFi Cryptocurrencies For Its Trusts

Grayscale’s Institutional Asset Manager announced on June 18 that the company is currently reviewing 13 more crypto assets for a suite of crypto investment trust products.

Inferred assets are mainly in the DeFi sector. The company reviews: Bancor, Kyber Network, Curve, 1inch, Kava, Ren, Loopring, Universal Market Access, Polygon, and 0x.

In addition, own tokens of high-speed scalable blockchain networks: Solana, Near and Dfinity were added to the review list.

Grayscale now investigates a total of 31 sites and offers products that track the performance of 13 different sites.

On March 17, Grayscale launched the products for Basic Attention Token, Chainlink, Decentraland, Filecoin, and Livepeer. These five trusts currently represent just 0.1% of Grayscale’s $ 34.4 billion assets.

According to CoinShares, Grayscale Trusts represent 75% of the $ 44.3 billion in assets managed by the institutional crypto investment products.

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