Grayscale Added UNI and SOL Into Their Portfolio

After rebalancing their crypto bag, an investment giant Grayscale adds Uniswap and Solana into their Digital Large Cap Fund (GDLC). They make a rebalance each quarter by selling certain parts of it and buying the promising assets. This time they sold some Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

After their previous rebalancing, Cardano (ADA) made 4,26% of the portfolio. Now it makes 5,11%. Bitcoin and Ethereum still make the most of it, 62,19% and 26,08% respectively. The DeFi part wasn’t corrected this time.

The investment products of Grayscale are of top interest among the big investors. For example, Morgan Stanley doubled their investment in Grayscale Bitcoin Trust and doesn’t intend to stop being bullish about crypto.

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