Google Donates $15 Million to Help Ukraine

Google allocated $15 million to help Ukraine repel the Russian invasion.

According to the head of the Ministry of Digital Development Mikhail Fedorov, in addition to financial assistance, Google will provide grants, advertising loans and technological support.

For example, Google added SOS alerts for refugees on the Poshuk website, disabled some functions of Google Maps in Ukraine in order to ensure the safety of citizens, automatically strengthened the protection of Google accounts of Ukrainians, and also began to fight media that engage in propaganda and disinformation in conditions war.

Fedorov recorded an appeal to Russian IT specialists with a proposal to express an anti-war position or use available digital tools to counteract.

Earlier, the international hacker group Anonymous declared cyberwar on Vladimir Putin and Russia in a video message.

The BTC-Alpha team together with trusted volunteer communities created a charity fund ‘‘Alpha for Ukraine’. You can make a donation to help everyone in Ukraine who needs medicines, humanitarian aid and to support the defence of the country.

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