George Soros’ Investment Fund Will Start Trading Bitcoins

As reported by TheStreet, investment fund Soros Fund Management, owned by a billionaire George Soros, will start trading Bitcoins as part of a broader study of digital assets.

According to the publication’s sources, Soros Fund Management’s chief investment officer Don Fitzpatrick and her team have been studying cryptocurrencies for a long time. It was she who gave the green light to Bitcoin trading. Fitzpatrick is also in talks to acquire a private stake in leading blockchain-based businesses.

But it remains unclear exactly how Soros Fund Management intends to trade Bitcoins.

In March, the chief investment officer of Soros Fund Management stated that the cryptocurrency is at a “tipping point,” which is prompting the fund to start investing in digital assets.

Earlier CoinMarketCap has launched the Ethereum token swap feature on the Uniswap platform and may support the additional DEXs and networks in the future.

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