GameStop is Looking for NFT Experts

GameStop (GME) announced the recruitment of blockchain and NFT experts to the team to work on the firm’s future NFT platform.

The GameStop job posting has generated a lot of positive comments in the Reddit community and has received over 10,000 “Likes” at the time of writing.

GameStop announced the creation of its own NFT platform back in May 2021.

At the moment, the site features a Nintendo Gameboy-style game console with the Ethereum logo, as well as a message calling for new members of the team to develop the platform.

On October 25, the site posted eight vacancies for crypto-friendly candidates. Three are for seasoned NFT software engineers, three positions for marketers, and two positions for Web3-based games developers.

One of the job listings for the head of Web3 Gaming says that GameStop is looking for people with experience with Ethereum, NFT and blockchain-based gaming platforms since developers will have to create not just games, but components, characters and equipment sold on the blockchain. The firm also hinted that its in-game Metaverse is in development.

Members of the r/Superstonk Reddit community praised GameStop’s idea and jobs, while Triaspia2 called the firm’s announcement “one of the best job listings they’ve seen” and promised to buy more GME as the move is “a clear bullish signal”.

In October, GME showed unstable dynamics, falling to $166, then surging to $187 and subsequently crashing again. However, according to Tradingview, the price of GME is still up 2.8% this month, at $178 at the time of writing. The annual growth rate of GME is a whopping 844%.

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