GameFi Investments Reached $1 Billion in January – DappRadar

In January, $1 billion was invested in infrastructure and blockchain games in the GameFi segment, which is approximately 25% of the investment amount for the whole of 2021, according to DappRadar’s report.

According to the document, it was only in the third quarter of 2021 that blockchain games became wildly popular among users. At this time, approximately 45% of unique wallets were active daily. In January, this figure rose to 52%.

In the Polygon network, the GameFi game Crazy Defense Heroes became the leader in the frequency of use in January 2022 – 41,000 UAW per day. And in the BSC ecosystem, the Bomb Crypto game took the lead with daily 40,000 UAW.

DeFi Kingdoms (DFK) led the way in January with $1.8 billion in transaction volume, up 243% from Axie. The gaming dapp accounted for $775 million in assets or 60% of the total value of locked funds in the Harmony protocol.

DFK accounted for 38% of all GameFi transactions per month, with the app capturing around 22,000 UAW per day on average.

In addition, DappRadar noted the steady demand for Dapps, and the capital invested indicates great potential for the traditional gaming industry. However, the path to mass adoption will not be easy, they added.

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