FTX Launches Gaming Division – Bloomberg

The FTX exchange will launch its own gaming division aimed at introducing cryptocurrencies, blockchain and NFT into gaming products.

According to Bloomberg, FTX Gaming intends to operate through its US subsidiary. The company will launch a crypto-as-a-service (cryptocurrency as a service) platform, through which gaming firms will be able to issue tokens and offer NFT support.

The company began recruiting new remote workers in February, focusing on programmers with experience working with the Unity game engine.

Proponents of a merger between the cryptocurrency and gaming industries hope that digital tokens and NFTs will provide more ownership of earned gaming goods.

But there were also those who opposed such a decision, saying that this decision would lead to an increase in the carbon footprint and an increase of fraud.

To this, the head of the FTX venture capital fund, Amy Wu, replied that such a negative reaction is upsetting, but deserves attention. She added that it is not yet clear what Play-to-Earn games should look like, but that quality products need to be developed, not compromised.

Recently, Solana Ventures teamed up with Lightspeed Venture Partners and FTX to create a $100 million fund to develop blockchain gaming projects.

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