Fraudsters Stole Over $400,000 From A Hacked Beeple Page Using A Phishing Attack

The Twitter account of digital artist and creator of the popular NFTs, Mike Winkelmann, better known as Beeple, was hacked on May 22. The attacker ran a massive phishing scam through her.

MetaMask security analyst Harry Denley warned users that Beeple’s May 22 tweets linking to an NFT raffle created in collaboration with Louis Vuitton were actually a phishing scam to steal cryptocurrencies from users’ wallets.

The scammers most likely wanted to cash in on the collaboration between Beeple and Louis Vuitton. In May, Beeple developed 30 NFTs for the Louis The Game mobile game from the luxury fashion brand, which were embedded as player rewards.

The scammer posted phishing links from the Beeple Twitter account leading to fake Beeple collections, luring unsuspecting users with the promise of a free airdrop of unique NFTs. These links were available for approximately five hours.

Analysis of the network of one of the scammers’ wallets shows that the first phishing link netted them 36 ETH, worth approximately $73,000 at the time.

On the second link, the scammers made about $365,000 in ETH and NFT from valuable collections such as the Mutant Ape Yacht Club, VeeFriends, and Otherdeeds. In total, the scammers stole approximately $438,000 worth of assets.

On-chain data shows that the scammer is selling the stolen NFTs on OpenSea and has placed the stolen cryptocurrency in a crypto-mixer in an attempt to launder the profits.

Beeple later tweeted that he had regained control of his account and added to remind his followers that “anything too good to be true is a scam”.

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