Four-year-old girl “earned” more than 59 thousand dollars on BTC

In 2017, the founder of the Brazilian crypto exchange Foxbit, João Canhada, presented his newborn daughter 1 Bitcoin worth about $915.80 at the time. In four years, the BTC rate has already exceeded 60 thousand dollars.

Canhada noted that he decided to present such a gift for his daughter, since it was a good investment decision, moreover, at that time, BTC was worth 5,000 Brazilian reais.

Four years later, a single investment in Bitcoin brought the child over 6,500% profit as the price of Bitcoins skyrocketed again to the $60,000 mark. 2017 was the last opportunity for investors to purchase bitcoins for under $1,000, which Kanhada was unaware of at the time.

Recently, there has been a proposal in the crypto community to assign a symbol to the smallest part of Bitcoin – satoshi.

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